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2cd 2cds 2wo 3cd 007 8bit 15 years ago 23xfile 64 or amiga 100 123 200 202 320 320kbps 486 1000 1953 dear john honky tonk blues 1963 1966 1967 1969 1970 1972 1973 1975 1980 1981 1983 1984 1986 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 absolute across the miles ada adam a different song ado advance a few old memories africa a friend's radio ala album albums a letter from shirley miller a little farther down the road all american girl all i have to offer you is me all the times almost in love almost persuaded amanda american heartbeat and let me love again angel are you washed in the blood a special song for wanda a stranger in my place atma audio back backstreet love affair bad badu band barbra bassey battle beach beat the devil beautiful bed of rose's before the magic turns to memory bello belong berlin - take my breath away bieber big billie billy christian black blackwood brothers by the statler brothers bloom bonus boy boys british broken promises brotherhood brothers burning bridges button byrds call can't give it up can't let you go car carlos carried away carry me back caught in the game cbs - cbs 70296 cd1 cd2 cd3 charlotte's web cheap trick - mighty wings chemical chet atkins hand child of the 50's chris christmas city city lights classics collection colors commodore complete cooke counting my memories country country roads couple covers cowboy buckaroo cranberries cutugno dad daddy daddy sang bass dallara dan dance danny dark davis day daydream days deadly deep delta dawn deluna deluxe derailers desperate dreams device dial didn't know it was love different things to different people disc discography diskografija doctorin don't forget yourself don't give up don't take your love to town don't wait on me donna do you know you are my sunshine do you remember these dream dreamland duet earth edi edition edy eight more miles to louisville elli english enrique erykah essentiel esto eve everlasting ever since the world began every day will be sunday bye and bye every time i trust a gal exclusive eye of the tiger falling feat feels like love fergie filmska muzika fire makes steel first night flac flowers on the wall fresh full funny familiar forgotten feelings furtado gainsbourg garden gia girl give me the word give my love to rose gold golden good goodbye got leavin' on her mind grandi grandma greatest green green grass of home gun half of my heart happy hard harold faltermeyer&steve stevens - top gun anthem have a little faith heart heaven heep herd here comes desire here we are again hesitation dance he went to the cross loving you hey high on you hits home horde hot hotel house houston how are things in clay how do you like your dream so far how great thou art how much love how to be a country star hunt i'd rather be sorry i'll be here i'll be your baby tonight i'll love you all over again i'll take care of you i'm not quite through crying i'm not that man anymore i've been everywhere i believe in music i can't help it (if i'm still in love with you) i can't hold back i don't i don't dance no more i don't know why i dreamed about you i forgot more than you'll ever know if we never had iggy i had too much to dream ime i never stopped loving you in good faith in the beginning i see you in everyone is this love i still miss someone it's the singer not the song it doesn't have to be this way i want to carry your sweet memories i wish i could be izambard jack jackie don't go japan jennifer jessica jesus jimmy john jones jordan just a little talk with jesus justin just in time kan kat kbps keep it right here kenny loggins - danger zone kenny loggins - playing with the boys kid king kingdom king of the road kingston kiss klf knock kolekcija kris labour larry greene - through the fire led out of bondage left handed woman leo leona lew libre life life's railway to heaven lightnin’ light of a thousand smiles limited list litaliano live london lonely long time lost love love is on my side loverboy - heaven in your eyes love was all we had lovi mad maggie make maki man against the world marc margie's at the lincoln park inn marie marietta - destination unknown mars mata matan mau mavericks megamix meglio memories are made of this memphis mercury merry miami sound machine - hot summer nights michael mixed modern moji mome monday morning secretary money monkees mou mp3 muse my darling hildegarde my reward neighborhood girl nelly never the less new york city night noah found grace in the eyes of the lord nobody's darlin' but mine no one will ever know nothing as original as you oceans oconnor oh happy day one less day to go one more chance one more summer in virginia oni original originali ova par part party pas pass me not phil & don police pop popular girl pre pro pump push put quartet quite a long race radio rain rap raymond reach ready for the real thing rebel son red regenerate rehearsal release me remixe remixes revelations rhythm of the city rhythm of your heart ritratto rnb rock roof roses ruby ruthless sacros salsa sam sammy samson san sand sandie sandro sane santa ana winds santana sara satin scaramouche scotch script sebastien seconds away serge sergio set sha shabby shaggy shakira shania she's a star she's too good shenendoah she thinks i still care shift shirley shiver show shyisma side sienis silence silver girl silver medals and sweet memories simpson sin since then single sivan skyfall slander slaughter slik solo so mary could make it home some i wrote something i haven't done yet song song of david song of solomon songs sou soul sound soundtrack special spin sta stack stag star stars star spangled banner statler statler brothers 1966 - flowers on the wall statler brothers 1967 - sing the big hits statler brothers 1969 - oh happy day statler brothers 1970 - bed of rose's statler brothers 1972 - 1 - innerview statler brothers 1972 - 2 - country symphonies in e major statler brothers 1972 - 3 - country music then & now statler brothers 1973 - carry me back statler brothers 1974 - 1 - thank you world statler brothers 1974 - 2 - sons of the motherland statler brothers 1975 - 1 - holy bible - old testament statler brothers 1975 - 2 - holy bible - new testament statler brothers 1976 - harold statler brothers 1977 - short stories statler brothers 1978 - entertainers...on & off the record statler brothers 1979 - the originals statler brothers 1980 - 10th anniversary statler brothers 1981 - years ago statler brothers 1982 - legend goes on statler brothers quiz stick sting stone stop streets of baltimore streets of san francisco streisand string summer sun sunday survivor survivor - kolekcija survivor 1979 - survivor survivor 1981 - premonition survivor 1983 - caught in the game survivor 1984 - vital signs survivor 1986 - when seconds count survivor 2006 - reach susan when she tried sweet sweet charlotte ann sylvie system tack>>head take another look at me take good care of her take me home take you on a saturday taliesyn talkin' bout love talking tardis target tartan teena teena marie - lead me on tell me i'm the one ten tha thalia thank you world that's when it comes home to you that summer the baptism of jesse taylor the best that i can do the boy inside of me the brave apostles twelve the class of '57 the doodlin' song the dreamer the fourth man the junkie's prayer the kid's last fight the kingdom of heaven is at hand the king is coming the king of love the last goodbye the lord's prayer the official historian on shirley jean berrell the one that really matters there's a man in here there goes my everything the regular saturday night set-back card game the search is over the star the strand the teacher the ten commandments the times we had the whiffenpoof song the woman i still love they can't take you out of me things god gave me this ole house this part of the world tiesto tiger til the end time times tina tindersticks today i went back tokio tokyo tombofry tomorrow is your friend tomorrow never comes tony too hot to sleep too many rivers top top gun 1986 - original soundtrack toto tozzi tri tribute tricossoma tristate troye truth tspoon twilight twogether ub40 ufo ultimate ultratraxx ultravox uludag umberto unbearable under it all upgrade uriah usher verve virginia viva waddy waka walk walking in the sunshine wall walpurgis we ain't even started yet wedding bells we got paid by cash we owe it all to yesterday whale what do i care what do you really think whatever happened to randolph scott what you are to me when i stop dreaming when my blue moon turns to gold again when seconds count when the yankees came home when you are sixty-five where he always wanted to be who am i to say who do you think wild winter wolf woman without a home world would you recognize jesus years years ago yesterday you'll be back (every night in my dreams) you're the first you've been like a mother to me you can't have your kate & edith too you can't judge a book by it's cover younger your picture in the paper yours love Еdition
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  1. Barbra Streisand - The Barbra Streisand Album (1963)

    Započeta od nino89‎, 06.04.2014 17:31
    1963, album, barbra, streisand
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  2. Barbra Streisand 1966 - Je m'appelle Barbra

    Započeta od nino89‎, 06.04.2014 17:16
    1966, barbra, mappelle, streisand
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    • Pregleda: 883
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  3. Carlos Santana 2010 - Original Album Classics - 3CD

    Započeta od Rosi‎, 08.08.2010 22:24
    2010, 3cd, album, ana, angel, carlos, cd1, cd2, cd3, classics, dark, day, golden, life, light, love, mata, matan, mou, original, san, santana, soul
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    • Pregleda: 1.418
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  4. Donna Summer - Bad Girls (2CD Deluxe Edition)

    Započeta od nino89‎, 07.04.2014 11:05
    2cd, bad, deluxe, donna, edition, girls, summer
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    • Pregleda: 1.659
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  5. Jessica Simpson - Irresistible (2001)

    Započeta od nino89‎, 07.04.2014 11:03
    2001, irresistible, jessica, simpson
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    • Pregleda: 757
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  6. Sacros 1973 - Sacros

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 16.08.2016 12:50
    1973, sacros
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    • Pregleda: 697
    16.08.2016, 12:50 Idite do poslednje poruke
  7. Sam Cooke - Merry Christmas With Sam Cooke (2CD) 2012

    Započeta od navy59‎, 10.12.2012 22:33
    1 Staff Post(s) 2012, 2cd, christmas, cooke, merry, sam
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    • Pregleda: 1.003
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    • Pregleda: 926
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  8. Sammy Davis Jr. - Greatest Hits 1989

    Započeta od navy59‎, 26.06.2011 18:16
    1989, davis, greatest, hits, sammy
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 910
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  9. Sand - Kolekcija

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 02.03.2019 01:56
    2 Staff Post(s) kolekcija, sand
    • Odgovora: 1
    • Pregleda: 51
    02.03.2019, 01:58 Idite do poslednje poruke
  10. Sandie Shaw - Greatest Hits 1997

    Započeta od navy59‎, 03.06.2011 17:48
    1997, girl, greatest, hits, kan, live, mario, pas, pop, rock, sandie, shaw, show, viva, walk
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.265
    03.06.2011, 17:48 Idite do poslednje poruke
  11. Post Santana - Ultimate Santana 2007

    Započeta od navy59‎, 15.08.2012 18:47
    1 Staff Post(s) 2007, santana, ultimate
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    • Pregleda: 1.096
    15.08.2012, 18:47 Idite do poslednje poruke
  12. Satin Whale - Kolekcija

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 24.02.2019 12:47
    3 Staff Post(s) kolekcija, satin, whale
    • Odgovora: 2
    • Pregleda: 59
    24.02.2019, 12:51 Idite do poslednje poruke
  13. Scaramouche 1981 - Scaramouche

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 23.03.2019 05:51
    1 Staff Post(s) 1981, scaramouche
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 21
    23.03.2019, 05:51 Idite do poslednje poruke
  14. Scotch – The UltraTraxx Remixe 2009

    Započeta od nekic‎, 20.02.2018 22:06
    2009, –, remixe, scotch, ultratraxx
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 214
    20.02.2018, 22:06 Idite do poslednje poruke
  15. Post Sebastien Izambard (Il Divo) 2000 - Libre

    Započeta od navy59‎, 03.05.2016 18:14
    1 Staff Post(s) 2000, divo, izambard, libre, sebastien
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    • Pregleda: 788
    03.05.2016, 18:14 Idite do poslednje poruke
  16. Serge Gainsbourg - Best Of (1999)

    Započeta od navy59‎, 21.06.2012 13:40
    1 Staff Post(s) 1999, gainsbourg, serge
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 845
    21.06.2012, 13:40 Idite do poslednje poruke
  17. Post Sergio Endrigo - I Grandi Successi Originali (2002)

    Započeta od navy59‎, 29.10.2011 21:57
    2002, endrigo, grandi, originali, sergio, successi
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.162
    29.10.2011, 21:57 Idite do poslednje poruke
  18. Sex And The City 2 [BSO][2010]

    Započeta od lila‎, 24.05.2010 01:22
    2010, badu, bso2010, choir, city, dream, elli, erykah, goodbye, ime, jennifer, jordan, kris, leo, leona, lewis, love, michael, par, part, put, rap, set, sex, sta, state, time
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.617
    24.05.2010, 01:22 Idite do poslednje poruke
  19. Shabby Tiger - Shabby Tiger 1976

    Započeta od navy59‎, 30.06.2012 20:41
    1 Staff Post(s) 1976, shabby, tiger
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    • Pregleda: 1.008
    30.06.2012, 20:41 Idite do poslednje poruke
  20. Shaggy - Summer In Kingston (Deluxe Edition) 2011

    Započeta od navy59‎, 15.09.2011 21:54
    2011, deluxe, edition, kingston, shaggy, summer
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    • Pregleda: 965
    15.09.2011, 21:54 Idite do poslednje poruke
  21. Shakira - Waka Waka - Esto es Africa

    Započeta od lila‎, 13.06.2010 12:19
    africa, esto, ime, shakira, time, waka
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    • Pregleda: 1.197
    13.06.2010, 12:19 Idite do poslednje poruke
  22. Shakira -2009- She Wolf

    Započeta od lila‎, 14.09.2010 23:01
    200, 2009, good, ime, shakira, time, wolf
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    • Pregleda: 1.028
    14.09.2010, 23:01 Idite do poslednje poruke
  23. Shania Twain - Greatest Hits 2004

    Započeta od navy59‎, 06.04.2011 20:18
    200, 2004, 320, album, country, edi, good, greatest, hits, love, mome, par, party, pop, radio, red, sha, shania, tha, twain
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    • Pregleda: 1.548
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  24. Post Shift 2012 - Pump Remixes

    Započeta od navy59‎, 25.05.2017 17:18
    1 Staff Post(s) 2012, pump, remixes, shift
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    • Pregleda: 518
    25.05.2017, 17:18 Idite do poslednje poruke
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    • Pregleda: 1.189
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  25. Post Shyisma 2014 - Colors

    Započeta od navy59‎, 06.10.2017 21:04
    1 Staff Post(s) 2014, colors, shyisma
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 427
    06.10.2017, 21:04 Idite do poslednje poruke
  26. Post Sienis 2012 - Remixer

    Započeta od navy59‎, 06.06.2016 12:25
    1 Staff Post(s) 2012, remixer, sienis
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 420
    06.06.2016, 12:25 Idite do poslednje poruke
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.292
    13.05.2012, 21:46 Idite do poslednje poruke
  27. Post Skyfall 2014 - Regenerate

    Započeta od navy59‎, 26.05.2017 11:57
    1 Staff Post(s) 2014, regenerate, skyfall
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 538
    26.05.2017, 11:57 Idite do poslednje poruke
  28. Slash - Slash (2010)

    Započeta od lila‎, 19.08.2010 13:16
    2010, adam, bonus, chris, duff, edy, fergie, iggy, kid, pop, rock, sin, slash
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.376
    19.08.2010, 13:16 Idite do poslednje poruke
  29. Slaughter 1990 - Stick It To Ya

    Započeta od smboemi‎, 27.12.2013 01:10
    1990, slaughter, stick
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 839
    27.12.2013, 01:10 Idite do poslednje poruke
  30. Slaughter 1992 - The Wild Life

    Započeta od smboemi‎, 27.12.2013 13:06
    1992, life, slaughter, wild
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    • Pregleda: 915
    27.12.2013, 13:06 Idite do poslednje poruke
  31. Slik - Slik 2007

    Započeta od navy59‎, 14.07.2012 17:16
    1 Staff Post(s) 2007, slik
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    • Pregleda: 1.084
    14.07.2012, 17:16 Idite do poslednje poruke
  32. Smokestack Lightnin’ – Off The Wall

    Započeta od ramirez‎, 16.07.2012 21:15
    –, lightnin’, smokestack, wall
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    • Pregleda: 1.468
    16.07.2012, 21:15 Idite do poslednje poruke
  33. Someone's Band 1970 - Someone's Band

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 26.08.2018 00:58
    1 Staff Post(s) 1970, band
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    • Pregleda: 98
    26.08.2018, 00:58 Idite do poslednje poruke
  34. Post Sound Device 2016 - Daydream

    Započeta od navy59‎, 26.05.2017 12:43
    1 Staff Post(s) 2016, daydream, device, sound
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    • Pregleda: 435
    26.05.2017, 12:43 Idite do poslednje poruke
  35. Soundtrack- Rock Star [2001]

    Započeta od ramirez‎, 27.08.2012 21:53
    2001, rock, soundtrack, star
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.083
    27.08.2012, 21:53 Idite do poslednje poruke
  36. Spin 1ne 2wo

    Započeta od ramirez‎, 25.09.2012 19:56
    1ne, 2wo, spin
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 885
    25.09.2012, 19:56 Idite do poslednje poruke
  37. Stack Waddy 1972 - Hunt The Stag

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 26.08.2018 00:46
    1 Staff Post(s) 1972, hunt, stack, stag, waddy
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 97
    26.08.2018, 00:46 Idite do poslednje poruke
  38. Stars On 45 - Kolekcija

    Započeta od smejker‎, 09.11.2015 10:52
    kolekcija, stars
    • Odgovora: 4
    • Pregleda: 783
    09.11.2015, 12:34 Idite do poslednje poruke
  39. Post Statler Brothers - Kolekcija

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 05.09.2016 20:27
    3 Strane
    1 2 3
    22 Staff Post(s) 15 years ago, 1953 dear john honky tonk blues, a different song, a few old memories, a friend's radio, a letter from shirley miller, a little farther down the road, a special song for wanda, a stranger in my place, all american girl, all i have to offer you is me, all the times, almost in love, almost persuaded, amanda, and let me love again, are you washed in the blood, beat the devil, bed of rose's, before the magic turns to memory, billy christian, blackwood brothers by the statler brothers, brothers, burning bridges, carried away, carry me back, charlotte's web, chet atkins hand, child of the 50's, city lights, counting my memories, country roads, cowboy buckaroo, dad, daddy, daddy sang bass, delta dawn, different things to different people, do you know you are my sunshine, do you remember these, don't forget yourself, don't take your love to town, don't wait on me, eight more miles to louisville, eve, every day will be sunday bye and bye, every time i trust a gal, flowers on the wall, funny familiar forgotten feelings, give my love to rose, got leavin' on her mind, grandma, green, green grass of home, have a little faith, he went to the cross loving you, here we are again, how are things in clay, how do you like your dream so far, how great thou art, how to be a country star, i believe in music, i can't help it (if i'm still in love with you), i don't dance no more, i don't know why, i dreamed about you, i forgot more than you'll ever know, i had too much to dream, i still miss someone, i want to carry your sweet memories, i wish i could be, i'd rather be sorry, i'll be here, i'll be your baby tonight, i'll love you all over again, i'll take care of you, i'm not quite through crying, i've been everywhere, if we never had, in the beginning, in the garden, jesus, just a little talk with jesus, just in time, kentucky, king of the road, kolekcija, led out of bondage, left handed woman, less of me, lew, life's railway to heaven, long time, lord is it i, love was all we had, maggie, margie's at the lincoln park inn, me & bobby mcgee, memories are made of this, memphis, monday morning secretary, mr. autry, my darling hildegarde, my reward, neighborhood girl, never ending song of love, new york city, no one will ever know, noah found grace in the eyes of the lord, nobody wants to be country, nobody's darlin' but mine, nothing as original as you, oh happy day, old cheerleaders cry, one less day to go, one more summer in virginia, pass me not, phil & don, quite a long, release me, ruby, ruthless, samson, she thinks i still care, she's too good, shenendoah, silver medals and sweet memories, since then, so mary could make it home, some i wrote, something i haven't done yet, song of david, song of solomon, star spangled banner, statler, statler brothers 1966 - flowers on the wall, statler brothers 1967 - sing the big hits, statler brothers 1969 - oh happy day, statler brothers 1970 - bed of rose's, statler brothers 1972 - 1 - innerview, statler brothers 1972 - 2 - country symphonies in e major, statler brothers 1972 - 3 - country music then & now, statler brothers 1973 - carry me back, statler brothers 1974 - 1 - thank you world, statler brothers 1974 - 2 - sons of the motherland, statler brothers 1975 - 1 - holy bible - old testament, statler brothers 1975 - 2 - holy bible - new testament, statler brothers 1976 - harold, statler brothers 1977 - short stories, statler brothers 1978 - entertainers...on & off the record, statler brothers 1979 - the originals, statler brothers 1980 - 10th anniversary, statler brothers 1981 - years ago, statler brothers 1982 - legend goes on, statler brothers quiz, streets of baltimore, streets of san francisco, susan when she tried, sweet charlotte ann, take another look at me, take good care of her, take me home, thank you world, that summer, that's when it comes home to you, the baptism of jesse taylor, the best that i can do, the boy inside of me, the brave apostles twelve, the class of '57, the doodlin' song, the dreamer, the fourth man, the junkie's prayer, the kid's last fight, the king is coming, the king of love, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, the last goodbye, the lord's prayer, the official historian on shirley jean berrell, the regular saturday night set-back card game, the star, the strand, the teacher, the ten commandments, the times we had, the whiffenpoof song, the woman i still love, there goes my everything, there's a man in here, they can't take you out of me, things god gave me, this ole house, this part of the world, til the end, today i went back, tomorrow is your friend, tomorrow never comes, too many rivers, under it all, virginia, walking in the sunshine, we ain't even started yet, we got paid by cash, we owe it all to yesterday, wedding bells, what do i care, what you are to me, whatever happened to randolph scott, when i stop dreaming, when my blue moon turns to gold again, when the yankees came home, when you are sixty-five, where he always wanted to be, who am i to say, who do you think, woman without a home, would you recognize jesus, years ago, you can't have your kate & edith too, you can't judge a book by it's cover, you'll be back (every night in my dreams), you're the first, you've been like a mother to me, your picture in the paper, yours love
    • Odgovora: 40
    • Pregleda: 3.477
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  40. Steely Dan - The Very Best of Steely Dan (2CDs) 2009

    Započeta od navy59‎, 10.09.2011 12:32
    2009, 2cds, dan, steely
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 747
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  41. Sting / If On A Winter's Night (2009)

    Započeta od lilly‎, 07.09.2011 09:53
    2009, night, sting, winter
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 820
    07.09.2011, 09:53 Idite do poslednje poruke
  42. Sting 1996 Mercury Falling

    Započeta od llunnaa‎, 06.11.2010 04:47
    192, 1996, 486, falling, happy, mercury, soul, sting, stop
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.011
    06.11.2010, 04:47 Idite do poslednje poruke
  43. Stone Garden 1969 - Stone Garden

    Započeta od Dejra‎, 26.08.2018 00:39
    1 Staff Post(s) 1969, garden, stone
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 74
    26.08.2018, 00:39 Idite do poslednje poruke
  44. Summer Beach Party 2010

    Započeta od lila‎, 23.06.2010 11:15
    2010, ala, beach, brothers, dan, danny, day, edi, full, heaven, ico, jimmy, john, kid, king, marc, mix, moji, night, omar, oni, ova, par, party, radio, sandro, sane, side, summer, sunday, wild
    • Odgovora: 0
    • Pregleda: 1.709
    23.06.2010, 11:15 Idite do poslednje poruke
  45. Summer Of Love (4 CD Set) - VA

    Započeta od navy59‎, 10.07.2011 18:19
    love, set, summer
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  46. Sun Dial 1991 - Live Rehearsal London

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  47. SuperHeavy - SuperHeavy (Deluxe Edition) 2011

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    1 Staff Post(s) 2011, deluxe, edition, superheavy
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